After 10 years in our current home, it’s now bursting at the seams. Every inch of storage has been used, and things are beginning to stack up in the corners of rooms. We love it here, and don’t really want to move. If it was an option, we’d add on a small extension, but being a first floor flat, that sadly isn’t an option. It seems that almost every other house is building one these days. From my balcony I can see at least three. And no longer are these dodgy lean-tos or faux Victorian conservatories. Instead, these days they are often the well designed bread and butter of most small to medium architect practices. Here are four that I’ve shot over the last couple of years.

  1. Location: Chiswick, designed by Julian Bryson/Unmodernised                                                        15-49-3215-49-3915-49-3315-49-3615-49-4015-49-3815-49-42
  2. Location: Finchley, Architect: Robert Rhodes                                    14-63-1414-63-1214-63-1114-63-0914-63-1514-63-1314-63-07
  3. Location: Kensington, Architect: Nick Umney                   15-02-1115-02-0915-02-0415-02-0715-02-0615-02-2115-02-20
  4. Location: Chiswick, Architect: Cross Harris       15-09-1215-09-1315-09-1515-09-2215-09-2115-09-2015-09-1815-09-17