Thank goodness we weren't in this beautiful corner of Kerry a week later than we were, as it stands right in the path of Ophelia. Apparently the damage wasn't as extensive as they feared, but power was lost for some time.  We last visited ten years ago, and...

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Further steps

It's only just over a year ago that I wrote a post about staircases, but thought it worth returning to the subject as I've shot a few interesting ones since. Straight or curvy, grand or understated, they're always one of the most appealing parts of a building to...

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Studio is the latest book by best-selling author and designer, Sally Coulthard, published by Jacqui Small, and I'm delighted to have several images included in it. The Observer described the book as:  "a book that really celebrates the personality and...

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I thought I'd planned things quite well, having two shoots in Sussex on the same day. I'd booked out much of the day to shoot a home in Burgess Hill, and was then booked to shoot a restaurant in Crawley, late afternoon and evening. The home, however was smaller than...

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It's always a buzz, seeing your work in print, and nothing beats being featured on the cover. I've been shooting regularly for The English Home magazine for 3 or 4 years now, and the latest issue sees my second cover story for them. This wonderful dining room with...

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To Boldly Go

Shooting show apartments constitutes a large chunk of my work. Always sleek and sophisticated, often colour is used cautiously, understandably so as not to alienate potential buyers, and palates of silver, grey, oyster, and champagne predominate. They are of...

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Up The Elephant

One of the most memorable shoots of 2016, was a major development by Squire & Partners, at Elephant & Castle in South London. One The Elephant, as it's known, is a 37 storey residential tower built by Lend Lease. What made the three day shoot particularly...

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Christmas Stories

Norfolk and East Sussex were the locations of the two homes I shot for Christmas editorial features this year. I'd shot both before without their festive finery, so it's always a bit of a challenge to go back and reshoot, making them look sufficiently different....

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