Pitshanger Manor

I've always been a big fan of the architect, Sir John Soane. His former home in Lincoln's Inn, is undoubtedly my favourite museum in London. Soane also had a 'country' home, in the now decidedly 'un-country' location of Ealing. Both houses served as design...

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Indoor Sports

While golf and cycling might be pursuits that are traditionally undertaken in the fresh air, increasingly there appear to be indoor varieties. And although I don't often get to shoot sporting venues, this year I have had 3 such commissions.The first 2 are spinning...

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Bollox to Brexit

It's the 29th March 2019, and the 2 year countdown since Article 50 was triggered, has now expired, but thankfully we are still in the EU, although who knows for how much longer.Before the referendum on 23rd June 2016, the only marches I had been on, were the annual...

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Movie Stars

I went to the cinema last night. Not unusual I know, except that in Crystal Palace, until recently, the last time you'd have been able to visit the cinema, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and Where Eagles Dare were on general release. In 1968, the Rialto on Church Road...

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Junior Interiors

With shooting, as with designing, kid's rooms generally come quite low down in the list of priorities. Understandably most parents don't spend as much on the interiors of the junior members of the family, not least because tastes are likely to change the most between...

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Seventies Kitchen

It's time to say a fond farewell to our classic 1970s avocado kitchen! As much as I love it, it's time for an upgrade, and a dishwasher apart from anything else. This was the original kitchen, installed when the block was built in about '81, so ok then, not quite 70s....

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Tile Style

Returning from a recent city break in Seville, one of the things that impressed me the most, was the city's famous tiles. They're everywhere: in churches, in restaurants, on monuments and bridges. All are highly decorated, and have been made locally for centuries....

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