As you can probably tell, I’m a firm believer in the power of online marketing. Be it via this blog, or my other blog, or Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest et al, they are all means to an end. While I enjoy committing my thoughts and more importantly my images to the internet, if nobody took any notice, it might all be a waste of time. Fortunately people do notice, and as a result I have gained clients and work which would otherwise not have come my way. The internet only goes so far however, beyond which the real world takes over, and people, believe it or not, talk to each other. A personal, spoken recommendation is still the most powerful way to gain new clients, whether you are a photographer, lawyer or hairdresser. My old friend and client Brenda Gibson of Complete Interior Co., knows this well. Years of hard work and creativity, but above all, good working relationships have helped to establish her as the interior designer of choice for many in Putney, Barnes and beyond. Her latest project is a light filled family home, which even managed to look bright and cheerful on a particularly grey day.