Is a view really worth £25? I’ll let you be the judge. However, friday evening was certainly a good one to ascend Europe’s tallest tower. For those of you who haven’t been, a couple of tips if you have your camera with you. Firstly wear something dark. As I discovered, the ghostly outline of my white polo shirt hung like a fog over the view. Secondly, to cope with that same issue, a polarising filter might help in some circumstances.

On the way up

City Cruciform: in the name of Rogers, Vinoly, Seifert & Foster. Amen

The Shardling, soon to be joined by the Shardettes so I hear.

View towards the South London Alps

The silvery Thames

Love on the 69th floor (Sequel to “Love in an elevator”?)

Finally, I leave you with the Shardow

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Architect: Renzo Piano