It’s almost exactly 4 years ago that I started this blog. I’d previously had a website which had become so out of date, it was embarrassing. I saw blogging as a stop gap, before getting a new site up and running, but quickly saw the potential and value of a regular journal. I liked the immediacy of publicising new work in this format, and being able to weave a bit of a story around the images. And hopefully all you readers out there have enjoyed it too. Well I’ve finally got my act together regarding the new website, which has just recently gone live, after months of planning, and patience on the part of Tim Sharville at Gunpowder Studios who put it together for me. Although it is still in need of the odd tweak, and still has more to be added, I’m very pleased with what we’ve done. But don’t panic, it doesn’t mean the end of this blog, I enjoy doing it too much to stop now. There will however be some changes to it in the near future, about which I’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile here is one of the images from the new site’s home page, and below is a link. Do take a look.