Another story to recently feature in the Times, is this London home with filmstar looks. More ‘West Coast’ than West London, it was so ‘easy on the lens’ I shot much more than the magazine could feature. The home belongs to Jordana Yechiel, who owns a swimwear brand, Marcello Conti. Jordana put together much of the interior herself. Opening onto the garden is the very ‘LA’ contemporary kitchen and dining room, while upstairs owes a debt to The Great Gatsby with its Art Deco styling. Up again, and sticking with the movie theme, the chandelier in the dressing room reminded of one of Audrey Hepburn’s hats in My Fair Lady. Given the nature of Jordana’s business, it’s a surprise that the classic Burt Lancaster movie, The Swimmer, is not referenced. Not a pool in sight!


Saturday Times article