Asking how long it takes to photograph a house, is a bit like asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Is a single wide angle shot of each room all that’s required? Or does everything down to joinery details and fabrics need to be recorded? For some clients it’s important to capture a space in different lighting conditions, to show different moods, which will naturally extend the time spent on a shoot. Anyway, it’s rare that I spend more than 2 days covering one house, so to spend 4 days on one project is exceptional. But then this Holland Park house designed by Studio Indigo, is just that: exceptional. The house is arranged on 5 floors, 2 of them below ground floor level, and in addition there is a dining and guest pavillion in the garden, so it would be a shame to squash them all into one post. For now, we’ll concentrate on the subterranean level, which, save for a sliver of glazed ceiling above the spectacular indoor swimming pool, has no natural light, giving the designers lots of opportunity for mood creation. 

After a dip in the pool, there is the option of either the steam room or sauna…

As lovely as the spa facilities are, my luxury of choice would be the home cinema. Let the credits roll.