It’s not all multi-million pound houses in West London with pools in the basement, I recently spent 3 days in and around Sheffield shooting a wide variety of very unglamorous sites. Unglamorous maybe, but that’s not to say uninteresting or unrewarding. I found the scale of many of the structures I was shooting, quite awe-inspiring, the light sometimes exquisite, and the utilitarian or industrial detail often fascinating, without the need for obsessive styling that I’m plagued with on many other shoots. The project made me think of the extraordinary work of German Photographer, Andreas Gursky, creator of vast photographic tableaux, including the single most valuable photographic image to sell at auction.

I started my assignment up on the roof of the Meadowhall shopping centre, a vast and strange turquoise landscape.

Next stop, a plastic recycling factory.

An edge of town retail shed, still under construction, but big enough to swallow an entire high street.

And finally a visit to Magna, a steel themed visitor attraction and millennium project that dwarfs it’s distant London cousin, the Tate Modern.

Client: Atlas Refurbishment