Aside from the big name “starchitects” out there, building ever more elaborate office towers, big brand art galleries or futuristic transport interchanges, most in the profession are lone practicioners or small firms quietly getting on with small scale home improvements and extensions, that can do so much to improve our living space. Among those practices I have worked for in the last year, is Silk Mews Architects. Named after their small south London premises, which they developed, the practice, lead by Peter Camp, produces elegant solutions, paying particular attention to detail and finish. My two most recent shoots for them have been excellent examples of period homes deftly manipulated to achieve more suitable layouts for modern living while retaining the best of the old.

House 1 (Design Credits: Yuki Taida & Dycella Cummings-Palmer)

House 2 (Design Credits: Peter Camp & Lesley Reich)