With such high standards in all aspects of his work,it was great to be asked by Luigi Esposito to shoot a second project for his design company Casa Forma, so soon after shooting the first (ref. Mayfair Lady – February 2011). Luigi and his team are closely involved during each shoot, making sure that every detail is styled perfectly, and that the resulting images reinforce the high standards he has set.

Finish is everything in this highly polished Kensington apartment. No swags, frills or riotous colour for poor workmanship to hide behind. Clean lines and an almost monochrome palette demand absolute perfection. The style is elegant modernism imbued with the spirit of Art Deco, using black mirrored surfaces,high gloss veneers, bronze and chrome, against a backdrop of polished plaster walls and oak floors. For me, the pinnacle is the extraordinary textured and reflective wall finish in the dining room, which on first glance looks like tiling, but turns out to be an elaborate handmade finish of layer upon layer of gesso on canvas, then lacquered and polished. Such are the lengths that Casa Forma go to, to achieve perfection.