There is much we love about our 1970’s flat, but the cumbersome storage heaters, are not things of beauty. The main one in the living room was positioned slap bang in the middle of one of the walls, thereby disrupting any sensible furniture arrangement. It was also no longer in full working order, so when we made the decision to replace it, we also shifted the position to a more convenient spot. The replacement, while substantially smaller, was sadly no less unattractive, and the occasional table with lamp and knick-knacks that we placed in front, did little to disguise it.

A screen was the obvious solution, but despite scouring antique shops and ebay, there didn’t appear to be anything suitable, so we decided to make one. Not being particularly adept at woodwork, we found a company online that supplies blank mdf screens to any spec, complete with hinges. The fun bit was then choosing something to cover it in. After considering various other options, we went for wallpaper, which opened up countless more choices. Having always been fans of Fornasetti, we settled on, not the well known Themes & Variations but the equally eccentric, Mediterranea.