Loft living, as far as I’m aware, began in Manhattan in the 70s, or possibly even as far back as the 60s. It was mainly artists who saw the potential of large redundant industrial buildings, both as vast studio spaces and as unconventional and cheap places to live. Now that loft living has spread worldwide, and become thoroughly mainstream, most young artists couldn’t possibly afford to live in one. Owners are now more likely to be bankers or lawyers, and rather than these spaces being primarily for the production of art, are now quite possibly housing their owners’ valuable collections.

This as yet unlived in London loft designed by Squire & Partners, will shortly become home to art collectors. It was wonderful to gain access to it, in its pristine state. The play of light on its vast white walls was sublime, and the full height pivoting walls striding across the space will form impressive backdrops. I very much hope to be able to return, to see it in its lived in state.