Just down the road from the Barnsley, is the Village Pub, which is owned by the hotel, and has just undergone complete refurbishment by interior designers, Fox Linton. The feel of a cosy village local has been maintained, with the pub broken up into a series of connected rooms, each with a fireplace at its heart. People seldom refer to “Saloon” or “Public Bar” anymore, but that is no doubt how the different rooms would have been labelled in the past. The designers have cleverly updated the pub genre, with a pared back sophistication. The dining room is almost Shaker in its simplicity, while the space in front of the bar is firmly in cosy pub style.

The most original, but absolutely suitable aspect of the design, is the use of heavy sacking material for the curtains and wall coverings, while the decorative copper pots and horse shoes underline the pub’s rustic heritage.

The pub also has bedrooms which are about to undergo similar updating. I look forward to seeing the results in the new year.